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        Taizhou Daxiang Rubber Co., Ltd.
        Address: Zhejiang Tiantai County flood three industrial zone
        Tel :0576-83,078,815
        Fax :0576 -83,088,980
        Mobile: 18805765005

        Web site: http://www.www.bobsonjapan.com
        E-mail: ttdxxj@163.com
        Post Code: 317 207

        The factory gate
        The factory gate
        Factory Corner
        Factory Corner
        Steel wire braiding machine
        Steel wire braiding machine
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        Address: Zhejiang Tiantai County flood three industrial zones           Tel:0576-83078815             Fax:0576-83088980           Phone:13305768028 13957658028
        Taizhou elephant Rubber Co., Ltd.        http://www.www.bobsonjapan.com       Design: Eglobe Business       Zhejiang ICP 09035314